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  The Wolf of Wall Street
Release: 2013-11-15

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Plot: A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration. Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiography.

Jordan Belfort
(Leonardo DiCaprio)
Donnie Azoff
(Jonah Hill)
Naomi Lapaglia
(Margot Robbie)
Agent Patrick Denham
(Kyle Chandler)
Max Belfort
(Rob Reiner)

Posted by: Michelle
As R as possible. I thought this movie was immature obvious and brought nothing new to this type of movie
Hmm that is harsh. Sometimes a god laugh or laughing at someone else doesn't have to be taboo.
Posted by: Jen
Posted by: Michelle
Is this another attempt to remake that 80's movie wall street?
Posted by: Melissa
Awesome movie! VERY R rated...so definitely don't take your mom to this one. I don't want to give anything away....but at times I laughed so hard I cried. At others, the tensions so high....honestly worth the money & so happy to have seen it.Leo's best performance by far!!!
I can't wait to see this…!!
Posted by: Nique
Posted by: Monique
Hilarious movie. About as R as you can get! I can see why Leo got a golden globe for this and he will probably get an oscar too. As long as you can laugh at drunk people you will def. laugh through entire movie. Worth your time!

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