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  The Breakfast Club
Release: 1985-07-05

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Plot: In this 1980s Brat Pack film, the athlete, the brain, the criminal, the princess and the basket case break through the social barriers of high school during Saturday detention. The disparate group clashes at first but begin to bond as they reveal their feelings and find a common enemy in their bully principal.

Andrew "Andy" Clark
(Emilio Estevez)
Brian Ralph Johnson
(Anthony Michael Hall)
John Bender
(Judd Nelson)
Claire Standish
(Molly Ringwald)
Richard Vernon
(Paul Gleason)

Posted by: Aileen
Seen It
Posted by: Monique
The quintessential 80's movie.
The breakfast club part 2
Posted by: Jenna
One of the best movies of the 80's.

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